On the 6th of January 2016 our children’s CD-book Il Gatto Musotondo was presented in the children’s program Kakadu on DeutschlandradioKultur.

Here you can listen to the broadcast (in German)

Tagesspiegel 10/20/2013
About  „Stella Stellina”:
„Everything’s beautiful! The booklet, CD, the illustrations! 
The songs are one more gracious than the other, not to mention the voice or the arrangements. Really a great piece of work that will surely be appreciated by the little ones and not only… 
I was moved by the illustrations, modern and brilliant. A wonderful collaboration that brought together many talents.“
Bruno Bozzetto
“… gives you a big grin and sends a pleasant shiver down your spine” 
zitty 03/2004
“… the little big trio …e la luna? has long become firmly established on Berlin’s concert circuit. … A highly idiosyncratic musical something, sung with casual yet grandiose charm, interwoven with melancholy and pomp.
zitty 9/2002
“Nice that there is still easy-listening music this side of happy-mood tootling.” 
Michael Neuner, Frankfurter Rundschau
“An enchanting journey through an arcade of music!” 
Peter Rixen, SFB4 Multikulti
“…like riding on the back of a vespa to the sea, eating gelati to the wonderful music of …e la luna? And the moon is looking on.”
Michael Pilz, Musikjournalist