… e la luna? plays Italian canzoni of the 60s and 70s, which the Florentine singer Eva Spagna knows from her childhood, as well as her own compositions in Italian. The quartet convinces with original arrangements of these canzoni, unmistakably influenced by the preferences of the four musicians: jazz, pop, bossa nova.

It all began with an ad in the Berlin program magazine zitty: guitarist Holger Schliestedt was looking for a singer to form a jazz band. Eva was one of the people who answered the ad, and they immediately started playing jazz standards. After a short time, a friend of Eva’s, the cellist and saxophonist Martin Klenk, became aware of the two, they met and it quickly became clear that the formation of the trio with an Italian orientation and the unusual instrumentation – vocals, cello/saxophone, guitar – was an original idea. In the following years, the trio … e la luna? gained a wide audience in the Berlin scene and later throughout Germany and Italy. Highlights were winning the world music award Musica Vitale in 2002 and the production of seven CDs.

In 2019, Martin passed away after a short serious illness. The loss is still felt today.

After a longer break from playing, Eva and Holger decided to continue the band. Bassist Andreas Henze and accordionist Bernd Spanier had been friends with the two for a long time, and they joined the band with feeling. A new program was and is being worked out, the new start took place in September 2020.