…e la luna? – Story

The Berlin trio …e la luna? has played in the same formation since 1997. And with great success: In addition to having won the music award musica vitale in 2002, the band has produced seven CDs and performed uncountable concerts in Berlin, and throughout Germany and Europe. 

The music of the canzoni italiane, is expressed in original arrangements that the small group executes with conviction: The singer, Eva Spagna is born in Florence and has the original in her blood, so to speak. The musical foundation comes from Holger Schliestedt on the guitar and Martin Klenk, who alternates between cello and saxophone (and melodica!). From the three there are also newer, original compositions to which Eva writes the lyrics. 
Irony and melancholy are what …e la luna? magically manages to combine. 

… e la luna? plays > music that makes one happy.