...e la luna?


T-Shirt T-Shirt
Viva La Pappa Col Pomodoro!
T-Shirts designed by Zuni Fellehner and inspired by the classic
children song from 1964 sung by Rita Pavone (written by Lina
Wertmüller und Nino Rota).
Produced for the presentation of Stella Stellina.
The back is white.

2 different kids sizes
2 women's sizes (M and L) and 
1 men's size (M)

The motiv is printed on a fair-trade t-shirt made of ecologically
produced cotton.

12 Euro for children
15 Euro for adults
+ postage 3 Euro for Germany (free shipping on 3 or more)
                5 Euro for European countries (free shipping on 4 or more)